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A Guideline To Different Types Of Divorce Available.

When married people decide to no longer be married, and each of them go their separate ways, the legal means they follow to achieve this is known as divorce. The most common causes of divorce include the mistreatment of one party, availability of irreconcilable differences among other causes. Coming to the decision to have a divorce or to end a marriage is not an easy task as it requires a lot of thought and considerations and in addition to that the paperwork involved so as to make sure that the process is legally recognized by the law is also huge. Unknown to many, there is a variety of divorce, unlike the common ones that are portrayed as dramatic and chaotic. Read the article to the end to get these types of divorces.

The contested divorce is the most publicized type of divorce; as such, it is widely known. It is thought to be the most dramatic type of divorce. The two main things that people differ in most divorce cases are child custody as well as property division. In a contested divorce, the couple often find it difficult agreeing on how this matters are to be carried out and as a result there is need for the dispute to be settled in court by a judge through a trial instead of the lawyers office where they begin. They are expensive due to the long trials that happen before the cases are actually resolved.

They can be said to be the antonyms of contested cases. As the name suggests, there are few issues of contention between the couple, and they are often able to agree on the two crucial pillars of divorce, that is child custody as well as property division. The main task of the lawyers, in this case, is to make sure the paperwork is done correctly. In the case where there is no agreement, the case becomes a contested divorce.

The third type of divorce is the simplified divorce, which, as the name also suggests, is a simpler or shorter period type of divorce. Due to the fact that the couple have been together briefly, there is little, or no property acquired together hence making the sharing process easy or even absent. The only [process necessary in this type is the filing of paperwork. However, people should know the difference between internet divorce and simplified divorce, and the main difference is that internet divorce is often non-existent and a scam where a simplified divorce requires one to have actual paperwork and legalization from the court of law.
If a case is filed, and the other party does not respond then the case is settled as a default divorce. Collaborative divorce is almost similar to contested divorce with the elimination of trial.