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What Entails Fertilizers.
This is a substance that is either natural or chemical-based that is usually applied to the plants as well as the soil for the increase of yield. For the plants to grow, they need water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight. Good growth is brought about by the requirement of the nutrients both macro and micronutrients which are usually in the fertilizers. The most important nutrients are usually mineral nutrients of which they are normally absorbed by the plants that are through the soil. several factors get to affect the taking in of the important nutrients that are depending on the type of soil as well as the weeds.
Fertilizers play a great role as they supply important nutrients to the plants so that there can be balanced growth. The fertilizers are applied to the foliage or soil to be helpful in several ways and that is to increase productivity, promote the condition of the soil, for the yield of the plant and also for disease resistance. Some factors contribute to the good utilization of the nutrients that have been taken in by the plants. The factors that contribute a lot to the effectiveness of the nutrients include the type of plants that are grown, the organic content of the soil, availability of the moisture and rainfall, soil acidity and also the existing nutrients that are in the soil.
Fertilizers are always in two varieties that are artificial and organic fertilizers. For artificial fertilizers, they are specifically made to supply nutrients to the specific type of crops and are usually made of macronutrients. In the manufacturing artificial fertilizers, the nutrients are usually very concentrated and they are later converted into a compound in which a plant can easily absorb. Some plants are unable to take in so fast readily absorbed nutrients hence being water-soluble.
Organic fertilizers are those substances that at a certain time they were living and they include leaf litters, manure, and even crop residues. Normally, the inorganic fertilizers are not readily available to plants as it is compared to artificial hence they need to be converted for the ease of absorption. In organic fertilizers need conversion for them to be easily absorbed in the soil and the conversion is done by various animals for instance arthropods, earthworms, beneficial bacteria and even naturally occurring soil fungi. With the conversion, it gets to improve the soil condition. some soils lack nutrients, one needs to know the specific fertilizer that can be used to increase the productivity of the soil. It is therefore important to consider using fertilizers as they are helpful for the production of the crops.

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